I drink, I smoke and I treat my body like it’s something I found in a gutter and I am okay with that. I will die before you, but God, I will have had a shitload of fun.

#MeToo … BUT…

Don’t tell me that Alice Evans didn’t realise that a sleazy fuck in a bathroom with an ugly, overweight producer wouldn’t have helped grease the wheels for her boyfriends career.

Young and Dumb

“All young Mother’s are vulnerable!” She told me, “All Mother’s under 25 need help and guidance. Would you know where to go if you needed housing support? If your benefits were stopped?”

Period Pains

I have been having periods for a long time. Since the age of 12 in fact, when my body decided…

Sincerity Is The New Black

A love for all things anarchy apparently runs in the family; when my Father looked in to our ancestry, it turns out that way back when, three of us Kibbles were executed for high treason – treason against the state.


She was in her 50’s and waked with a stick. Not because she had mobility problems, but because she was on the sick, claiming for a fictitious back injury. It was the 1980’s. It was easy to be on the sick then.

Off Grid My Arse

  This family, here. Families like these are the reason that I stopped home educating. The land of home education…