About me:

I am sadly not a Princess; Harry won’t have me.


My name is Cookie Kibbles and I have been writing and editing for 15 years. After a brief stint as a stand up comic where I was heckled by truck drivers wanting to know my bra size, I began writing and editing for other comics instead. I found that by doing that, I limited the amount of abuse thrown at me for having breasts; I find that now, the breasts do me a favour as I am the first female most male stand ups have ever successfully spoken to without wetting themselves.

I don’t know what this is. It’s a blog that isn’t a blog. It’s a collection of things that I have written. It started out as a bunch of articles that I wrote for a parenting site, but now it has morphed into something else. I’m not sure what it is, it’s kind of got a life of it’s own.

A portfolio of work? Maybe. You tell me.

I do web copy, script editing and much more. Contact me me for more info. You know you want to.

This was the original story for the ‘blog’ (I’ve kept it because I quite like it).

So what happened to the fairytale Princess after Prince Charming swept her off of her feet and gave her the keys to his Castle in the clouds?

I’ll tell you exactly what happened, shall I? Little Miss Princess got pregnant. She spent the next nine months with her head down the toilet while involuntarily pissing herself every time she retched.

Prince Charming turned into a bastard the second two lines showed up on the stick and has been the worst father and husband anyone could ever ask for. All the other Princesses with children are utter cows and the Queen is the biggest bitch of a mother in law ever.

Toddler Prince is a shit that bites anyother child he comes into contact with and Baby Princess has screamed blue murder and hasn’t slept a wink since she was born.

I can help you, dear Princess. You have found out that life is no fucking fairytale, so lets smash this shit together.

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