Shrek’s Adventure, London

Fans of the Shrek movies, you are in for a treat.

Have you ever wanted to go to the wonderful land of Far Far Away to meet Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey,  a fabulously dressed ugly sister and all the other Shrek Favourites?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to help defeat the Wicked Witches and restore peace back to the Fairytale Kingdom?

Did you know that there is a magic bus ride on the Southbank in London, right next to the London Eye that will take you right to Far Far Away?

We were invited to spend the morning in the land of Far Far Away at Shrek’s Adventure London.


Entry is at allotted times so for a huge London attraction, the queue to start ratio is pretty good, and from he offset, the tour is upbeat, magical and all the children loved it.

The website states that it’s suitable from the age of six years, but I have a four year old super fan of the Shrek Movies who loved every second of the tour.

The 3D magic bus ride right at the beginning is incredible. Donkey drives, so be warned it’s a rough ride. The 3D effects are brilliant, 4D if you count the water that is spurted at you. It starts the story of you landing on one of the Wicked Witches, which is what you have to find Shrek for throughout the tour, so he can solve all the problems.

After the magic bus ride, you go through a sequence of rooms in the land of Far Far Away, which are perfectly brought to life sets from the movies. You meet all the main characters and the actors are seriously good, they manage to keep the children and the adults entertained. Audience participation is encouraged and all the children on our tour we went on loved that part.

You have a whole story to unfold and get captured by a witch and have to escape. There are live actors as well as fantastic special effects. It’s honesty a fantastic experience.

There are no cameras allowed in the tour, although there are multiple opportunities where you can pose for photos to be bought at the end – not in the usual theme park one off photos, but they can be bought as part of a reasonably priced and well designed ‘story book’ of your day at Shrek’s Adventure.

And if you choose not to buy the book, there is a photo opportunity with the one and only Shrek himself at the end of the tour where the staff will take a photo of you with your phone or camera while you pose with the great green swamp dweller – and he deist smell too much of gone off cabbages. And he didn’t fart whole we posed, which was a bonus.

Ten out of ten for a London attraction and well worth a visit. Tickets can either be booked in advance or bought at the attraction.

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