Fuck’s Sake Oprah – We Are Not All Able To Fight Back

Oprah Winfrey, Queen of daytime television, one time diet guru and now, apparently, a spokesperson for women and some say, the woman who should be President of The United States (yawn).

The millionaire philanthropist who helps girls in developing countries access education, hailed as a heroine (or do we have to day hero these days, so as not to discriminate?) while keeping hold of her billion dollar empire and lavish lifestyle.

Like Bob Geldof but with even less morals and better hair.

I’m no fan of Oprah. 

I’m no fan of her bossy, holier than thou attitude and public persona. I am no fan or her forays into politics, dangling the Obamas off her arm like trophies. Wading into controversy when ever the mood hits.

I am no fan of her speech at the Golden Globes.

Because, you see Oprah, not all women can stand up. Yes Oprah, we are all well aware that you did. You  escaped from a childhood full of abuse, a traumatic early teenage pregnancy and years of sexual exploitation to carve out a career as one of the richest women in America with her own television network. Well done you.

But just because Oprah from Backwater, USA did it, it doesn’t mean that Susan from Croydon can.

What if Susan from Croydon was listening to your speech as it was broadcast on television this morning? As she was ironing her husband’s shirt, while shouting at the toddler to stop smearing toast on the cat and glumly looking at the pile of washing up she had to do. What if her husband had also hear the speech and scoffed about it ‘all being mens fault again’? as he sat down and expected his breakfast to be served to him by his wife.

What if Susan heard your speech and thought, “It’s alright for those with a choice”?

You see Oprah, not many women have a choice. 

We constantly hear that it’s the not the 1950’s anymore, that women are equal to men. On a day to day basis, for a lot of women, this isn’t the case.

Yes, I get your speech. I get that the point was women in Hollywood will now not have to shag fat, ugly producers to get a role. Only, they will. Of course they still will. It might dies down for a few years, but ultimately, it will continue. Because that is how the world works and you know it.

What about normal women? The ones who have to give in and have sex when their husbands pester them for fear of him being angry, or moody. When you have a house full of angry, moody children, the last thing you want is for your partner to act the same way. Of course, those women should say no to sex. But they don’t. They should also say no to doing 100% of the childcare, cleaning and home admin, but they don’t. They should argue when their parter tells them he’s going out for the second time that week when they haven’t had a night out in four years, but they don’t.

Some women CAN’T stand up and say no more. We have to think of our lives, of our mental health, of our children. We can’t all leave abusive men and we can’t all stand up and tell them that their behaviour is entitled and wrong, weather at home or in the workplace.

For all the talk of equality, I don’t see much of it.

You don’t speak for normal women Oprah, the women who through no fault of their own have to depend on men or are abused by them.

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