That Time I Accidentally Joined A CULT – Steiner Education

 I don’t care about  the spin they have put on it recently Steiner schools are a dressed up cult.

Read about Rudolf Steiner – the Nazi. The lover of the Aryan race. The man who said that all children ‘choose’ their parents before they were born, yes, even the children who are sexually abused, neglected and murdered by their parents. They chose evil people to be their parents because they were bad in a past incarnation. Being abused and even killed is thier punishment in this life. Oh. So that’s okay then.

Yes, it’s crazy. And it’s dangerous.

If you read through their website, you will probably think the Steiner principles are wonderful. Lots of outdoor play, no formal learning, ideally no television or screen time at all for young children and toys made of natural material.

It speaks to the modern parent who for some reason wants to shun technology for their children.

Do you know why Steiner said no television or radio? It had sod all to do with brain development and all the other tripe that is trotted out to make technology seem evil.

No – Steiner thought that the Devil spoke out of the radio, and later the screen to children.

They don’t tell you that in their school brochures filled with ruddy cheeked children, running about in mud wearing Boden.

They also don’t mention Anthroposophy.

Read about it – not the sanitised, Steiner school spin, but what it is really about. Read about the more dubious aspects of those beliefs, the love of the Aryan race before all others.

Steiner believed that people who had blonde hair and blue eyes were of superior intelligence. That it took far more energy to make hair and eyes dark and that this made darker people stupid. And lets not talk about his views on inferior races. If you send your black child to a Steiner school then you really need to look up Anthroposophical views on being dark skinned. Or Jewish. He didn’t care much for Jews either you see.

Steiner schools are keen to point out that they don’t keep to the views that Steiner had – but all teachers have to be committed to Anthroposophy.

There are teachers teaching your children who believe they are not as good because they had dark hair.

My experience of sending my son to a Steiner School was hell.

We had moved to Suffolk, to a village in the middle of nowhere which I referred to as the village of the dammed. It even had it’s own animal research facility. Odd, odd place full of very strange people.

After trying out the local pre-school, which was a terrible experience in itself (I had inadvertently made myself the only Indian in the village, yet again), we started to look for alternatives.

We went along to the open day of the local Steiner School and although it was a bit ‘wooden toys and rainbows’ for my liking, the kindergarten teacher seemed nice enough, One of those upper class, blonde, sloany young women who seems a little wet behind the ears. In any case, we signed him up, putting the scruffy, muddy, ruddy faced children and their parents dressed in distressed Boden, yacking on about building yurt huts in their back fields (we were up in the wilds of Suffolk, remember) down to middle class obnoxiousness.

Things didn’t go well from the start.

Quite a few of the children had parents who didn’t believe in any form of discipline, so there were real fights from day one, to which the teacher would respond with a stern ‘absolutely not!’  which the children ignored. The main perpetrator was a child who was clearly in need of some assistance, but the Steiner community didn’t believe in labels. Plus, the school had been built without planning consent and needed retrospective planning permission – guess which child’s father was the architect who was helping them to get it? Yup.

I shan’t bore you with the ins and outs, but we took him out of the school when it was clear it was having a detrimental effect on him, after two terms. A new kindergarten teacher had replaced the old one, and this one destined her self as a ‘committed Anthroposophsist’ – basically, a fully paid up Steiner convert. Which actually seemed hypocritical as she had two mixed race children and Steiner said that darker skinned people were in ferior. As a commented Anthroposophosist did she think her own children were inferior?

Anyhow, she was nuts.

When we withdrew our son from the school, she sent a huge long letter saying that our son was brain damaged because ‘his eyes rolled into the back of his head at story time’ (as an aside, no books and it was all folk takes). Actually, my son used to roll his eyes though boredom at the shite stories on offer. He said he thought it was funny to do that.

Absolutely distraught at the horrible letter we received, I called my sons paediatrician who we had seen regularly since his birth as we don’t have a GP. The Doctor went nuts. He was appalled, said how outlandish it was, that he had known my son from birth and that there was absolutely nothing neurological wrong with him and that it was absurd that a teacher (an unqualified one at that – you don’t have to be a qualified teacher to work at a Stiener school) would make such a ridiculous statement. The letter he wrote them was venomous to say the least. He advised us to sue (we didn’t. We should have, but we didn’t) and made us promise never to send him back there.

Steiner schools still continue. 

This link is from 2013 but it is a good read and mentions the Steiner schools that are trying to get funding.

They still hoodwink parents into believing that they are just a hippy-dippy, wooden toys only, gentle places with children’s best interests at heart. They appeal to the middle classes and really play on the middle class sensibilities of wanting to send your child to a private school with a difference.

About eight years ago now someone posted a thread on Mumsnet saying pretty much what I just did. Steiner took them to court and now you can’t mention Steiner education at all on Mumsnet.

I am sure they will come after me too after reading this because they like to search the internet for what they call slander and what other people call the truth. So, hi there, nut cases!

If you are thinking of a Steiner school please do your research, There are help groups out there for ex students and there parents for a reason.






  1. I just took my twins to an under Steiner play group and I was made to felt immediately that I had been hoodwinked. It wasn’t free play and learning through experiences. It was cold, stern and authoritative. I can’t find anywhere to leave a review either.

    I googled searched Steiner cult and found this because that’s how I came away feeling


  2. We have one locally. I know several parents of disabled children who were told that the school was not the right place for their child.


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