Apple iPhone Event Hosted by Three

So, guess who got to go into London and play with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus?

Yep, me. 

I was one of the lucky bloggers that Three Mobile asked to come along to their London discovery store store to learn all about the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and lean how to use them inside and out.

It was love at first fiddle.

The iPhone 8 plus literally stop my heart and as I spent a happy half an hour out on the street trying out portrait mode on unsuspecting passersby and random busses, I looked at my iPhone 6 and it paled in comparison.

The iPhone 8 plus is a wonder of the world.

I’ve had iPhones since they first burst into the world in the “OMG, it’s a phone and an iPod and the internet all in one” bubble of joy that seemed so alien at the time. I am a self confessed Apple addict, everything in my home from my AppleTv to my laptop to my watch has the famous Apple logo on it. I have used Apple products for many years (and I have had most of these!) but the iPhone 8 plus blew me away.

Aesthetically, they are beautiful. I fell in love with the gold, (it’s a lovely, pinky-gold). The glass back is astoundingly beautiful. But what made me fall in love with the iPhone 8 plus was the camera.

As a blogger I take a lot of photos, so I need a great camera. The camera on the iPhone 8 plus is absolutely extraordinary. Portrait mode is nothing short of amazing and the live photos are great fun to play with. The new features make it a must for anyone who used their phone as their main camera.

Anyhow, the long and short of it is, I fell in love with that phone. I fell hard.

I bought one. I had to! It was all I could think about! Three are doing some great plans if you want one to, which of course you do, because why wouldn’t you?

If you love photography as I do then you need and iPhone 8 plus. If you want a phone that works faster than any phone you have previously had (even Apple ones), you need and iPhone 8 plus. If you want a phone that is more beautiful, has better storage better sound quality, superior features….you get my point.



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