#MeToo … BUT…

The Actress Alice Evans recently spoke about the time that Harvey Weinstein asked her to follow him into a bathroom to be groped. She had mentioned that her then boyfriend, Ioan Griffith, had auditioned for one of his films. When Evans refused Weinsteins advances, he said to her, “I hope your boyfriend’s career does well”.

How sinister.

Look up Ioan Griffith and Alice Evans. Their careers have hardly been glittering. Maybe they are just shit actors. but maybe that night had something to do with it. I think that night had a lot to do with it.

And I also think that Ioan Griffith staring in the TV series ‘Liar’, playing a predator at the tim the Weinstein scandal broke had a lot to do with them coming forward and speaking out. Perfect PR there. But then, I am extremely cynical.

Don’t tell me that Alice Evans didn’t realise that a sleazy fuck in a bathroom with an ugly, overweight producer wouldn’t have helped grease the wheels for her boyfriends career.

Yes, good on her for rejecting is advances. 

But I wouldn’t have done. I’d have have taken one for the team as it were.

I would have put our careers first. The careers we were clawing for, in an industry where we knew how these things works. You can’t tell me that after working as an actress she was naive to how the industry works. Why is it such a surprise to some people that this has been happening? Sex rules the world.

The main thing I have learned from life is that it’s not fair and you have to be pretty ruthless in your actions. I play the long game. Life really is survival of the fittest. But like I said, I am cynical.

I have done lots of things in life that I am not proud of and that would make you baulk if you knew about them. I have sold my soul, I have slept with ugly, overweight agents to get a leg up, to get that script read, to get that pilot commissioned, to get that job in A&R.

My reasoning?

How many men have I slept with for nothing? All those awful teenage gropes where you close your eyes so you don’t see the puss filled spots on his face. Horrid boyfriends, all the men who have come on to me in the pub. The same experience as most women have had. And there are a lot of women who think the same as me.

That producer who groped my arse in a lift, rubbing his disgusting cock against my crotch as he told me that he would be passing on my script to his company bosses in the morning – who was the one being taken advantage of? Because I can tell you it wasn’t me. I wouldn’t have taken a second look at him if he didn’t have the contacts I needed. So I let him think he was in control, that he had all the power.

Men like to think they are in control. Stroke his ego, laugh at the balding sleaze behind his back, but for those moments, let him think he is a God.

How many men, boys, have groped me, slept with me, thinking that they have all the power? Why shouldn’t I have used my body to my advantage and got something for myself out of the situation?

If I had made it out to Hollywood, would I have fucked that repulsive Weinstein for a writing credit in one of his films? Yes. Hands down, I would have done and I would have no shame about it.

I was told that it’s women like me that perpetuate the problem.

That my lack of morals lets down the side, lets down all the women who have been abused, raped and preyed on by these monsters. That I am what feminists fight against.

Yes, I am sorry. Because women like me do egg these repulsive perverts on. It makes them think that their predatory behaviour is okay. It gives them the green light to abuse their power by raping women who don’t want a part in their horrific games.

But the world is a dark, horrible place. It really is. It always has been. Go beneath the surface of any industry and it is a stifling cesspit of abuse and power games played out by those on top to the detriment of those underneath, desperately trying to claw their way up.

It won’t change. It will never change. Men in power will continue to take advantage. Women in power will continue to take advantage – because believe me, it’s not just men that can be predatory abusers.

Money, power, fame and reputation runs the world. That will never change because of human nature.



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