Stop Telling Me It’s Okay To Be Fat

I am FAT.

Huge, in fact. If I walked in front of you on a sunny day, you would think there was an eclipse. My arse has it’s own orbit. I have to brace myself to bend down and tie my shoelaces. ‘Yo Mama so fat, even Dora can’t explore her.

You get the idea.

On one hand, it’s in my favour because I will live far longer than you after the apocalypse. When you have all starved to death, my gargantuan thighs will still be nourishing me for months to come.

On the other hand, if it’s an apocalypse that requires me to outrun anything, I will the first one to die.

Swings and roundabouts.

I know I am fat. I know it’s shit, so please, stop telling me it’s okay.

So this is me.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.58.50

No, I am not the incredibly thin, beautiful one who used to be in Liberty X. I am the fat, dishevelled, scruffy one, badly in need of a haircut, shouting at the toddler over a fifteen year old pushchair behind her.

I look fucking terrible in that photo, so of course, it was in the Mail Online.

I tweeted about how shit I looked and Michelle Heaton was very sweet about it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.59.04

Everyone was nice about it. I got a lot of tweets and DMs from total strangers telling me how amazing I am. That all women are beautiful, that I should be proud of my curves. Even that I am a ‘strong, inspiration of a woman’ (ironic really, seeing as I was reading that while stuffing a donut into my face after having a huge anxiety attack, I am neither strong, nor am I an inspiration), all from people who had seen one shit photo of me.

I look like a fat sack of shit. 

You know I look like a fat sack of shit, you are so thankful that you don’t, and if you are one of the people from my past who is a little bit of a cow, you are happy that your once skinny friend is now massive because it makes you feel better.

Please stop telling me that I should be proud of myself (however proud I am that I can eat half of the Greggs pastry display in one sitting), that I am a ‘proper woman’, that I am strong and all number of things you think you should say to a block of lard like me.

I don’t like being fat, but I like prozac, I like lager and I like pizza, so that isn’t a good combination for a start.

But please, please stop telling me it’s okay to be fat, because nothing will put me in that McDonald’s drive through faster.




  1. You’re a breath of fresh air that I needed to read. I completely get this, I’m so unhappy with myself and how I look and feel (17st and 5″4, need to lose 5 st!) But love everything that’s bad! People keep telling me “your fine! You look fab” etc but I feel like crap! It’s not a good look and it’s causing me issues! And I cannot understand how people think it’s ok! The world is insane.

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  2. LOL! I found you on the blog “where the heart is” and I love your blog! You crack me up and are totally real! I’m a little fluffy myself and this post made me snort. You now have a new follower for life.


  3. Ok I won’t tell you it’s okay to be fat (although I definitely thinks it’s okay to be fatter than celebs who are actually paid to eschew lager and pizza). And I know this is your usual hilarious style of provocative writing too. But I also think you really are your own worst critic. You don’t look like a sack of shit and you certainly don’t act like one xx

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  4. I love your writing. So honest and ironic at times. Love it
    As for you, I like the person you are. Won’t say anything else as you don’t want that as you stated. All I can tell you is that you are a really lovely person (at least I think so)


  5. I was fat first. And it isn’t great is it. And yes I’ve gone to great lengths in the past 10 years to shift if, having patches of success, by my overriding mantra is lard.

    I don’t remember much about school, other than being cast as the ‘fat lookalike’ from tfi Friday in the guaradian angels performance. Was great having 11 year olds remind you of that incessantly when you’re an insecure 17 year old.

    I would add that hula.hoops are the absolute devil.

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