Off Grid My Arse


Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.54.02

This family, here.

Families like these are the reason that I stopped home educating. The land of home education is over populated by self righteous, mostly middle class, bored parents who want to be different.

Only, they are not different. They are all the bloody same.

I used to dread going to home education groups because because they all seemed so bitter. Everything was a fight to be different and it was like they wanted to get a reaction from people so they could fight back even harder.

The family in the article say they are ‘off grid’. No they are not. Living off grid and to live without electricity, running water, money and all the other trapping of modern life. They live in a flat in Brighton and let their children run riot.

I have no problem with their attitude to schooling – my son wasn’t interested in reading or writing until he was 6 – when he was interested, he went from nearly being able to write his own name to reading Harry Potter in the space of a month.

I also have no problem with them never having seen a doctor – it’s not the law to have a GP and my own children don’t have a GP. My daughter at the age of three and a half has only ever seen a doctor for vaccinations, she’s simply never been ill.

Extended breastfeeding – meh. Do what you like with your boobs, love. I don’t care.

Co-Sleeping? Yep, me too. Mainly because I am lazy and babies cry less when they are permanently attached to you. And you don’t have to get out of bed to shush them when they do cry.

What I do have a problem with is the smug attitude.

It’s always people who say they don’t jude other’s that do. I’d love to meet this family, because I bet they would judge me for my parenting.

Also, if I can be a bitch for a send, they seem insufferable.

It’s the haircuts, the clothes, the whole look. The “ooooh, my child is so well rounded because they sit in the garden stuffing pebbles up their nose. I pity you TV watching, Peppa Pig loving urchin.”

And those reusable nappies are clearly shit if they leak all over the floor while you are on the telly.







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