Secondhand Vapor Vs Secondhand Smoke

Comparing secondhand smoke and secondhand vapor seems to be a very hot topic lately. Sadly, many cities, national parks, and public places including restaurants, bars, and other stores have banned using e-cigarettes before even considering exactly what secondhand effects these devices have.

Because e-cigarette’s release vapor rather than smoke, smoking and e-cigarette is normally known as “vaping” instead of smoking.

For this reason, many scientists continue to analyze how the effects of secondhand vapor is different than that of secondhand smoke. By having a clear to understanding of the differences between the two, regulations can be created for the use of e-cigarette in public places.

One important thing to note is that the secondhand effects of vapor are considered too often be minor or completely nonexistent. On the other hand, the negative effects of secondhand smoke are very well documented and have been attributed to causing significant damage to the health of those who are inhaling it. While the effects of secondhand vapor are still unknown, it does not give a good reason for the use of e-cigarette indoors or in closed environments while in a public setting.

There is some scientific evidence that supports the ideas that secondhand vapor is much safer than traditional secondhand smoke, and other studies even go as far to show that admitted aerosol from secondhand vaping is far less harmful than secondhand smoke.

When comparing rooms filled with traditional tobacco smoke to rooms filled with e-cigarette vapor, scientists have determined that secondhand vapor is much safer than secondhand smoke because it does not contain the toxic and harmful chemicals associated with traditional tobacco smoke.

For this reason, it is important that people understand while the effects of secondhand vapor are not completely understood, it can be understood based on the evidence available that it cannot be directly compared to secondhand smoke.

Some of the benefits to smokers and those around them include:


  • Similar hand to mouth action
  • Easily adjusted nicotine levels
  • Thousands of different flavor options that are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes
  • Most people do not mind being around e-cigarette smokers nearly as much as traditional cigarettes being smoked in their vicinity.
  • People who are vaping can often save a substantial amount of money while also inhaling far fewer harmful toxins.


While e-cigarette manufacturers cannot claim that their devices can help you kick the habit of smoking, they can often be a wonderful substitute to help you control your nicotine cravings. While they are not medical devices in any way, they can be a very affordable and much safer alternative to smoking while also producing far less harmful secondhand vapor for those around you.

There have already been thousands of people who have been able to kick the habit of smoking because of the many benefits of e-cigarettes.

Best of all, most smokers are very content to switch over to an e-cigarette as the devices give them the ability to regain their sense of taste and smell. People who are using e-cigarette instead of traditional cigarettes not only smell better, but they can also help to do a lot more good to the environment by not throwing out cigarette butts.


Now there are a lot of questions as to why secondhand vapor is much less dangerous than traditional secondhand smoke, but it is important to understand exactly how both things are created. In traditional cigarettes, tobacco is burnt while e-cigarette use a heated e-liquid. While both contain nicotine, e-liquid contains far fewer toxins than traditional tobacco. While there are some toxins associated with e-cigarette’s, purchasing them from a quality supplier can greatly help to reduce the dangers of those chemicals.


It’s very easy to see that there are far fewer harmful chemicals admitted from secondhand vapor when you directly compare it to secondhand smoke.


Final Thoughts


People are far more willing to be around others who are vaping rather than traditional cigarette smokers. While the effects of secondhand vapor still need to be studied in more detail, current research is already shown that secondhand vapor is less harmful than traditional secondhand smoke. Diseases such as childhood asthma that are required from secondhand smoke are almost nonexistent when looking at those who have been exposed to secondhand vapor.

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