No DSS. Not In My Luxury Development

The surviving residents of Grenfell Tower are to be housed in newly built, private apartment blocks in the borough of Kensington.

Some people aren’t happy about it.

People like Anna.

“Anna, who is in her 60s, has lived in her flat just a stone’s throw from the new development for 40 years. She said she would not be happy to see survivors rehoused in her area.

“North Kensington is not this Kensington. They should be in a place where they are happy, but not here. I don’t want them here,” she said.

“In the circumstances, they can’t all expect to be rehoused in these parts of London. Someone has to pay that money, if they can afford to pay the rent there they should pay rent somewhere else.”

Oh Anna! Yes, they should fuck off somewhere else, shouldn’t they? No matter that they were housed by the local authority and so the likelyhood of them being able to afford to stay in the borough without being rehoused by them is miniscule.

Do you know how hard it is to privately rent when you are on low or no income?

Yes, the local authority will give you housing benefit. The benefit rate is woefully short of market rates for private rentals, so if you have four children and would like a three bedroom flat, you will never, ever be able to afford bridge the gap between the local authority allowance and the actual rental price yourself.

This means that you will have to rent a one or two bedroom flat and all squeeze in.

That’s if you can find anyone to rent to you, benefit scum that you are.

Landlords and estate agents don’t like the sort of scumbags who claim housing benefit. Even the sort of scumbags who claim a housing benefit top up while working full time because the rental prices in London are out of control.

Do you know the feeling of being laughed out of an estate agents office when you tell them that yes, you are working, but no, you don’t earn three times the monthly rent (around £6000 for a two bedroom house in London), so you are receiving partial housing benefit to help you meet the cost?

I do and it’s shit.


They reply with a sneer as they show you the door.

No scumbags with pitbulls who will rip up my sofa, no workshy slobs who will never clean and rip out the kitchen appliances to sell for drugs.

Because we are all like that. The poor, the working poor who can’t afford to live without going cap in hand to the government, Even though most of us who claim housing benefit also work.

“Someone has to pay that money, if they can afford to pay the rent there they should pay rent somewhere else”

No, Anna. Life isn’t that easy or simple and you really do have to have lived it to appreciate that fact.

So what should they do? Be shipped off to Birmingham, or Newcastle? Away from their family, work, schools just so the social cleansing of London can move one step further?

Oh it’s Okay Anna – When the poor move into those flats I am sure they won’t be allowed to use the gym. We wouldn’t want the great unwashed mingling with people who pay their own rent without help from the government.

Because when a proportion of these developments are given over to social housing, sometimes the plebs aren’t even able to use the same entrance to the building as the people who have had the good sense not to be poor or need help.

They are made to scurry into their own entrance, not plush or as well decorated as the main one.

So they can’t be seen, Scurrying in like the rats they are.

So don’t worry Anna – you won’t see the scumbags.


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