How The Other Half Live


“I don’t believe there were 600 people living in Grenfell Tower. There were only 120 flats. They were mainly two bedroom. You can’t expect people to believe that five people can live in a two bedroom flat.”

Ah, that gem came from a journalist friend of mine. The sort of ‘journalist’ who only got a writing gig on a plush, upmarket magazine because Daddy was at Eton with the editor’s husband. You know the sort.

The sort who think that every family has a bedroom for each child, a dishwasher and room for an au pair.

Yes love. Many people live in over crowded accommodation. Three generations of family will share a two bedroom flat. Four children will sleep in the only bedroom while the parents sleep on a sofa bed (if they are lucky) in the living room. They probably wont be able to afford to put the heating on in winter. They are possibly on benefits – they are most likely on benefits and working as well.

They are the people she refers to nauseatingly as ‘chavs’.

The official figure of occupants will be way off too. Some of those flats would have been sublet and would have contained many more than five people, squashed into horrendous living conditions just to have a roof over their heads.

So the final death toll of the Grenfell fire will be squewed. Sanitised.

The dead poor.

You know, the feckless, lazy scroungers who all want something for nothing and think that life owes them a living. The fat ones who live off chips and don’t read to their children. The foreigners.

Sometimes I wonder if there would have been more of an outcry for justice if a luxury block of flats had gone up in flames. Because the poor, the old, the disabled, the low paid workers who lived in Grenfell tower, their lives don’t really hold the same value to most people, do they?

As an aside, it wouldn’t have happened though, would it? I am sure safety measures wouldn’t be scrimped on a two bedroom flat costing one and a half million pounds. And being as most of those would have been bought by foreign investors, they would have been unoccupied anyway.

Fuck the poor. Their lives are cheap.

The most sickening comment I have ever heard came while I was dropping off a bag of nappies for the survivors at a local collection point.

“This is mainly Karen Millen. They will probably have been glad to have lost all┬átheir┬ácheap clothes when they are handed these.”

I didn’t punch her. I don’t know how I stopped myself.

Yes, how glad they will be to be decked out in Karen Millen rather than Primark when they have lost thier homes, neighbours and possibly family members.

The poor should be greatful! Thank God for you and your designer donations.

Let them eat quinoa.

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