Oh Piss Off Carol, I know That Hot Tub Is Full Of Cum

“Yaaaaaaay, hot tub!” Yells the rest of party gathered for Carol’s 50th.

Everybody merrily strips off and jumps in.

But not me.

You see, I know something about Carol and her husband John that the others don’t: They are swingers.

Swingers who like to do very rude things in their hot tub and film it.

And then put it on the internet.

I found this out when Carol asked for my help in uploading videos to a website. 

“Just a few clips of John and I and our friends” she breezily informed me as she gave me the website URL to upload them to. It turned out to be a private swingers site and my eyes were well and truly opened that evening.

The next day, I popped round to Carol’s house to show her that I had up loaded the videos and how to access them. She was making bacon sandwiches and asked if I wanted one. I couldn’t get one scene where John was fellating an elderly gentleman on the counter where she was cutting the bread out of my head, so I politely declined.

“Why don’t you come along next time?” Said Carol as I was leaving.

“Oh, um, no. Not really my thing”I replied as I backed out of the door.

“Well, it’s my birthday next weekend, we are having a few friends over, come to that!”

So that’s how I ended up at her 50th birthday party.

Her 50th birthday swingers party, that I only realised was a swingers party when people started stripping totally naked to get in the hot tub.

And when a couple in their 60s with an uncanny resemblance to my best friends parents asked me if I wanted to “play” with them.

“No. No thank you. Oh gosh, is that the time? I really have to go, happy birthday Carol.”

All I could think about for days after was how do you clean cum and other bodily fluids out of a hot tub?

Never ever go in a hot tub, because you never know what people like Carol and John get up to in them.





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