Anxiety Is The Pits – Here’s One Way To Help

Anxiety isn’t just being a bit uptight, or feeling shy in a social situation as some very (un)helpful people have said to me over the years. On the severe end of the scale, it is an all encompassing feeling of sheer terror, panic and sometimes feeling like you are paralysed.

But what if your anxiety is manageable up to a point, but you feel like you need a little bit of extra help for example, in social or work situations or for traveling?

We have all heard horror stories of buying medication on line, but now there is a website called The Independent Pharmacy who are  regulated by a number of organisations in the UK including the MHRAGPhC & CQC to ensure they offer the highest level of service to every one of their customers.

In other words, buying medication from is affordable and above all, professional and safe.

I didn’t want to go to my doctor for my anxiety, so I began to look online for other ways to manage the slight anxiety I have when I perform on stage.

I found that The Independent Pharmacy sold Propranolol, a type of beta blocker used mainly to treat ‘performance anxiety’  or ‘situational anxiety’, which relates to any situation in which you feel anxious when performing.

This doesn’t exclusively mean performing in front of an audience or crowd, as it can apply to performing a relatively simple task in public. This anxiety usually stems from a belief of not being able to perform the task adequately, and then being judged negatively by others as a result.

If taken an hour before performing, Propranolol will reliably ease symptoms, such as a pounding heart, and trembling voice or hands.

And let me tell you, it works.

Other beta blockers work in a slightly different way so aren’t as effective as Propranolol in treating this kind of anxiety.

My usual symptoms while standing on the side of a stage waiting to perform in front usually, large groups of drunk men who have deemed me unfunny before they have even set eyes on me just because I have a pair of breasts, were horrible.

I would feel sick, shaky and I could feel my heart pounding from head to foot. No one wants to go on stage with trembling hands in front of a baying audience. You want to go on stage filled with confidence and without wondering if you will have to run off to be sick with nerves half way through your set. I have seen even the most seasoned stand up comics shake with fear at the side of the stage before they are to go on; speaking in public is never easy, weather you are in the public eye, performing, doing a work presentation or just attending a social event that you feel anxious about attending.

Taking Propranolol before a performance completely changed me. Before I went on stage, I felt relaxed. I no longer had a racing heart and I felt confident that I could speak to a room full of people. 

If you have a problem with this type of anxiety, The Independent Pharmacy is a safe way of acquiring privately prescribed medication through a confidential online consultation with a UK-registered doctor or prescribing pharmacist, ensuring that you are on the correct medication and safe every step of the way.


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