“Oh Christ! How on Earth did you do that?”

 You know it’s a bad injury when even the A&E nurse looks shocked.

At that moment, I had two choices: I could say that the gaping hole in my hand came from something glamorous, like falling off the back of a Harley Davidson while glugging champagne, or I could tell the truth – that I drilled a hole in my hand while putting up a shelf.

I am rubbish at DIY, but thankfully, Slater Gordon have come up with a handy visual aid to help the accident prone on those Bank Holiday Sundays when a trip to the DIY store is a must.

It’s a visual which fills me with hope that one day, I could do DIY without the accompanying trip to the local hospital if I follow some of the advice, although this statistic is pretty horrifying:


That’s quite a big figure and it’s no wonder that there are so many self inflicted injuries that occur from getting hung-ho with the hammer.

So why don’t we think about the risks of DIY? With so many of us living in older style houses in the UK, not enough people think about the hidden dangers of DIY such as asbestos and lead piping.

It may look like an easy job to tear down an old shed or lean to – but how can you be sure that it doesn’t contain asbestos? There is an alarmingly small number of people who would even consider this risk and the consequences can be disaterous.

Below are some handy hints and tips to keep yourself safe while improving your home and some pretty hair raising statistics outlining just how daft the British public can be when faced with the prospect of DIY.

DIY can be a lot of fun, but make sure you take on board these tips to stay safe and out of A&E.

FINALSlaterGordon DIY Infographic v2 (1).jpg


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