Yoga, I did (get it? Like Yoda?)

I am lazy.

I sit at my desk and type and occasionally I will stretch for the biscuit tin or the remote for the TV.

On Tuesdays, the nice looking recycling man comes round, and I will contort myself into impossible positions so I can sneak a peek at him through the blinds without him seeing.

That is as far as my exercise goes, but I am not alone.

Most people who work at a desk, either at home or in an office have the same problem with being sedentary all day, bar the race to the shop for donuts at lunchtime.

 The lovely people over at Furniture at Work know the pain and tedium of working in an office environment and they have come up with this video on how to do office yoga

It’s not as dull as it sounds, and the video is actually ace. I want to marry the man in it; he’s a comedy genius.

Watch the video here

I loved the video so much that I even had a go. I know, I know, me and yoga! I managed the moves where you sit on your bum easily enough, but I did come a bit unstuck when the ‘coat rack’ move came into play.

You’ve probably guessed by now, but standing up and exercising are not my talents. I am ashamed to say I fell over twice, once from losing my balance and once from losing concentration when I was laughing so hard at the actors in the video – it’s honestly very well done and very funny.

In all seriousness though, it’s a great video to utilize if you do want to build a bit of yoga into your working day, and I can see it being a lot of fun if you rope a few people you work with into doing it with you.

The moves are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced and the moves all have office-based names.

We go from the easy moves like “the lengthy meeting” and “the morning coffee”, which are based around gentle stretching, to the cleverly named  “the office gossip”, which is a favourite of mine – hands behind the ears and stretch to listen. You might even end up catching some gossip while doing this move, so it’s maybe one to do while hanging around outside the boardroom.


“The office gossip”

The intermediate moves are slightly harder, starting with “the tangled headphones” which is well worth a watch just for the look of confusion on the actors faces. It took me four tried before I could work out which arm to put over the other and another few minuets second guessing if I actually knew my left from my right.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 14.49.16.png

Struggling with “the tangled headphone”

“The successful report” is basically a huge high five to the universe – just make sure that you have topped up your deodorant because if not, you’ll be wafting sweaty armpit smells all over the office.

The moves are still pretty easy until we get to “the office desk” which asks for you to get on the floor, on your back and shoe your knickers to the whole office – maybe only do these yoga moves in trousers.

“BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY” IS SOMETHING THAT ONLY THE VERY SUPPLE SHOULD TRY. Yes, I did shout that. Also, this is really for when all your colleagues are wither joining in with you, or have gone for lunch. Unless you work in a strip club, then go for it.


“Bank holiday Monday”. Not one to try in a short skirt.

Your boss will think you are coming on to him – thins may be handy if you want a raise of an extra weeks holiday. Again, wear trousers or this move cold get a bit x-rated.

The advanced moves are not for the faint hearted.

“The coat rack” almost had me on a trip to A&E, but after a bit of practice, I am sure that even the most clumsy, exercise shy office worker would get the hang of it.

I liked the handy tip at the end about their being 160k hoop replacements in the UK each year. Yes, a good warning to do more exercise, but I almost needed one after trying some of the more complicated moves.

This is a great yoga at work video, mainly because while it has a serious message, it doesn’t take itself too seriously so it’ quite fun to watch unlike other more sanctimonious yoga demonstration videos.

Visit Furniture at Work here.

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