A Guide To What To Do When Faced With Celebrities (Actually, It’s A List Of What Not To Do, Because I Am A Dickead)

Because I do a very glamorous and exciting job (I might be taking the piss with that) I sometimes get to go to things and meet famous people. The things I meet these people at tend to involve lots of hanging around while having access to lots of free alcohol.

I don’t do well in a free bar with lots of time on my hands, so I am usually the first to be staggering around and slurring. And that in itself is quite an accomplishment given some of the people I have met.

Here’s a list of things that you probably shouldn’t do to celebrities if you want their PRs to keep inviting you to events.


  •  Ask them to marry you
  •  Ask them if they are sure they won’t marry you
  •  Say “okay then, how about just a shag?” in front of their partner
  •  Ask for a job when it’s a no to a shag
  •  Fall over while walking away

(The time I met Ricky Gervais)


  • Tell them you named your childhood hamster after them, because they had a huge growth on their face too
  • Tell them that the follow up single to their one hit wonder was shit and that was why it all went wrong
  • Go on to pinpoint the exact Top of The Pops performance where it all went wrong and mimic the moves they did which made them look like a twat
  • Proceed to have a go at them for not responding to your friends request for them to perform at a charity event
  • Tell them that they are actually quite nice because you thought they would be a bit of a wanker

(The time I met Chesney Hawkes)


  • Hide under the table when they walk in, and when it turns out they know the person you are with and sit at your table, then have to pretend you were just looking for your fork
  • Say, “fucking hell, you really are short, aren’t you?”
  • Say, “Your brother can’t sing for shit and he’s a total dickhead, but he’s way fitter than you”
  • Say, “Actually, I fancy you more now, I thought you’d be a cunt”
  • Get really, really drunk and throw up in their hallway after you went back to their house for a party

(The time I met Noel Gallagher)


  •  Say “Knock Knock, who’s there? Dr? Dr Who” and then piss yourself laughing
  • Ask if Billie Pipers mouth really is that huge in real life
  • Ask if it’s really true that his dick really is the size of a babies arm like Billie Piper said in an interview
  • And for fucks sake, don’t ask to see it

(The time I interviewed David Tennant. That went well)


  •  Say, “Christ, you really are an unfunny twat”
  • Followed by “so, where shall we start with the awful script?”

(Jack Whitehall, but it’s cool, we are friends now)


  • Say, “Hang on – I thought you were dead?” And then keep on and on that no, they are dead because you read that they are dead.
  • Keep going on and fucking on about it until they look at you like you are mental and their manager tells you to go away

(Jeff Goldblum, and yes, I still think he’s dead)


  • Repeatedly wind them up by pretending to not know who they are
  • Get them to list the films they have been in, look at them blankly and say “hmm, never heard of those. Have you been in The Bill?”
  • Say, “No seriously, never heard of Lord of the Rings. Is it a comedy?”

(Orlando Bloom)


  • Ask them to adopt you and then cry and snot all over them when they are lovely and give you a hug and say to you “If only I could, my darling” and are then really kind to you all day.

(Dawn French, I wish she was my Mummy)


  • Run away and hide when you ask them for a shag and they say “yes, shall we go upstairs?”

(One of the Hobbits out of Lord of the Rings)



Disclaimer – I was so drunk for all of the above and I really am sorry, especially for not shagging the Hobbit he was actually quite good looking in real life.



You Baby Me Mummy



  1. Your David Tennant comments made me laugh out loud!
    Dawn French is so lovely, her daughter used to dance at a dance school my Aunt teaches at so I used to hear lots of stories about her – If you ever see her again put in a good word for her to adopt me too?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just had a little laugh-cry at this. I want to go to the pub with you. You job sounds a lot more fun than mine…not much joy to be had in Revenge Pornography. Question, did David Tenant show you his babies arm-esk penis? As luck would have it I haven’t come into contact with many celebrities…probably best for everyone. I did briefly meet Frankie Boyle (I love him and his foul mouth) in a queue for coffee at Newport rail station and had something really witty in my head to say then just turned around and gave him a constipated smile, paused that awkward moment too long and walked off. I am an official dickhead. #TheListLinky. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds slightly embarrassing but highly amusing for anyone else overhearing these episodes.

    Thankfully I don’t come across celebs on the whole – I’m sure I’d just clam up and ignore them. John Craven’s bumped into my Sainsbury’s trolley, so it was just a lot of sorries, and then on ending up in a Brits after-show party due to my friend being hit by a wayward coke bottle we only got to say hello to Chris Evans, then then ended up talking to 2 guys (we had no idea who they were) on the dance floor about whether we worked for the record company. We didn’t, we worked for Cadbury and they got very excited about that. But no embarrassing actions! #thelist

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my gosh! Could you be more funny!!!! These are so hilarious. Ps your job sounds scarily fucking fabulous.

    Small fry compared to you but I once attended a party of hubs mate and Jeff Brazier was there. He had a group around him as they all chatted and I wanted to join in. So I waltzed over (also drunk) and stood there looking intelligible and giggling trying to be part of the group. Only for him to go “oh sorry, do you wanna get past) and usher me through lol.
    Said mates party has been a tiny bit part actor in gangster movies and when he said “lovely to meet you” to me, my response was “oh thank you!” Such a twat lol. Needless to say I don’t drink much anymore lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome. Don’t even get me started on your journey round the world with your kid! #idol What a life! Got that saved so I can gradually work my way through. Hubby promises me we will do this one day. Hate putting things off but sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way eh. X


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