This one is for the bloggers: Liebster award and random fluffy hugs and thank yous

One of my favourite blogs is mouse, moo and me too written by the very funny Sam. She nominated me to do the Liebster award (which in my head I call the lobster award) and I have finally got round to doing it!

Rules and answers below and I have also nominated some other wonderful bloggers.

Now here is the part where you will need a sick bucket.

I have had quite a hard time recently with life and writing. I have moaned about it in a post and on Facebook and have been an all round grump for the past couple of weeks, losing my way a bit with the blog and generally feeling despondent and falling fowl of some particularly nasty women who didn’t think that my pieces should be mumsnet blog of the day etc.

But, some amazing bloggers have left some wonderful comments on my blog, Facebook and Instagram and sent me really lovely, supportive emails which have helped me more than they will ever know. There was a point a few weeks ago where I was going to delete the site and jack it all in.

Mouse, moo and me tooandanothertenthingsunsung mumthe mum reviewsThe Comeback Mumwhinge, whinge, winelife as I know itfourprincessesandthecheesethe kitschy mommathe mother hubourrachlogsagent spitwbackmummy here and thereNikki and lisa Thank you all so much. Without the lovely comments and the general just replying when I have had a wobble, this blog wouldn’t be here still. There are more of you – I am sorry I didn’t include everyone!

I am so looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at Blogfest in a few weeks.

Right, enough with all the emotions, down to business.


Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 09.33.00.png


Here’s some general guidelines to follow:

1) Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.
2) Answer the eleven questions the blogger gives you.
3) Give eleven random facts about yourself.
4) Nominate eleven bloggers that you think are deserving of this award.
5) Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
6) Give them eleven questions to answer.

I am breaking the rules nominating five bloggers as I know that so many have been nominated for this recently! They are:

  1. Project Mummy
  2. Mummy here and there
  3. Fridge Says
  4. Life as I know it
  5. top five mum

Here are my questions for you:

  1. What would you rather be, a fish that can fly or a bird that can also live underwater?
  2. What’s the worst thing you have called you other half in a moment of anger (for real or in your head).
  3. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  4. What is your best joke?
  5. Liam or Chris Hemsworth?
  6. shag, marry, avoid: Tom Cruise, Hulk Hogan, Justin Fletcher
  7. Heat or Closer?
  8. Chose a side: Katie or Peter?
  9. Death row meal
  10. What would you be on death row for?
  11. What is your favourite blog at the moment?


And here are my questions/answers from Mouse Moo and Me Too:

1. Best burger topping evs?

Cheese, chills, salsa, mayo, tortilla chips (I am on a diet so now I am dribbling at the thought).

2. What’s the last book you read, and was it any good?

I read my favourite book at least three times a year, “Coming Up For Air” by George Orwell. Read it for the first time when I was 16, and sadly, it makes more and more sense to me as I get older.

3. What’s your one must have baby product?

A night nanny (hahaha, in my dreams).

Failing that, a sense of humour and a tommee tippee perfect prep if bottle feeding.

4. What’s your favourite season?

Winter, because I hate the heat, and no one can really tell how fat you are underneath a great big coat. Also, if the weather is really shit, you can legitimately stay in watching Jeremy Kyle and drinking tea and no one will judge you.

5. You’ve got two unprecedented childless hours. What do you do?

Sleep. A nice, big nap

6. What’s your one desert island survival item?

A luxury cruise ship moored just off the coast.

7. Favourite Spice Girl?

None of them, I hated all that girl power crap. Girl power while wearing provocative clothes so men will fancy you…..right.  Although, Geri Halliwell is fucking batshit, so I do have a soft spot for her. Apparently she went on one date with Chris Evans, then went to his house when he was at work and re arranged all his furniture. Mental.

8. What’s been your worst job?

Stand up comic. Loved the writing, loved the perfoming, hated the way men just wanted to shout things about my tits.

9. Does swearing denote a higher level of intelligence?

Yes, cuntychops, it fucking does.

10. What’s more scary, spiders or clowns?

Spiders, but only because I have a huge crush on Reece Shearsmith as Mr Jelly in psycoville.

11. You find £4 in change in the self-service checkout coin dispenser. Do you swipe it?

No. Sadly I am too honest. I’d probably hand it in to the staff. Who would probably nick it themselves, the bastards.

11 random facts about me:

  1. My head teacher at secondary school was a nun, and also a complete bitch with a moustache.
  2. I can fly a plane.
  3. I have slept on the great wall of china
  4. I got kicked out of the vatican for calling one of the swiss guard a cunt.
  5. I got kicked out of the colesium for calling a security guard a cunt.
  6. I have travelled the world and the one place I HATE is Rome. Vile Place. I called a lot of people cunts there.
  7. Oh yeah, I called a bloke in Pompeii a cunt when he pinched my arse and his wife slapped his face so hard she drew blood. Then she bought me a beer.
  8. I love indian food. Like LOVE it.
  9. I was a stand up comic.
  10. I was a model for clothing catalogues.
  11. I am a bit of a twat, but I am nice.






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