I got sent free shit! And I am going to share it with you!

“Whaaa, whaa, whaa, I want free shit” I moaned, “I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s free”

I put my plea to the internet. I vented on Instagram. I griped on Facebook. Would no fucker listen to me and my greedy appeal for all things free?

In the depths of my despair at being the only blogger in the world to have nothing to review, someone heard my pathetic wails.

The wonderful Type of Art put an end to my suffering and gave me some AMAZING free shit.

Look what they gave me for Angry Teen (Xbox obsessed) and Princess Tantrum (Toy Story obsessed):


Not that the little shits deserved them, but hey, I pay to rent these walls and I choose what goes on them and I love these frames.


Now, lets get to the give away….Would you like win some Type of Art vintage scrabble artwork?

Because I am nice and not a massive bastard, I am going to share the love. I am going to give away two Type of Art frames that have been specially designed for the frequenters of Notaneffingfairytale, you childish delinquents, you.

All you have to do to enter is like either this blog, My Facebook page or Instagram and message me on any one of them telling me your favourite insult. The ruder and more childish the better.

The TWO winners will have one these two beauties sent to them:

I think you will agree that they would make the perfect fathers day gift for a lazy bastard husband, a leaving gift for someone in the office you have pretended to like for years, or maybe just a friendly welcoming piece in your hallway.


Get your thinking caps on now, the ruder the better.



Type of Art don’t just do rude shit to please immature fuckwits like me. They also make bespoke frames with what ever you would like them to say. All hand made from vinatage scrabble pieces and lego and all beautifully finished.


Follow Type of Art on Facebook and Instagram to look at more brilliant pieces of work.

Huge thanks to the very talented Emma of Type of Art for all the free shit.


*disclaimer – You know me, I wouldn’t say something was good if I didn’t really love it, and my God, I do. Take a look at the links for yourselves.


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