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Tips On Dating Old Ladies

She’s got stretch marks from those bastard children and the weight gain and loss, a saggy tummy from the cesarian overhang and wobbly thighs because she prefers sitting on her arse in the pub eating chips to moving around.

Tips For New Bloggers From A Total BlogCunt

“Bugger,” you think, as you look at all the Instagram photos of the big bloggers with their shite blogs and whiny children getting free holidays, “if only I had thought of standing in front of brightly coloured walls wearing Topshop five years ago, that could’ve been me”.

No DSS. Not In My Luxury Development

Landlords and estate agents don’t like the sort of scumbags who claim housing benefit. Even the sort of scumbags who claim a housing benefit top up while working full time because the rental prices in London are out of control.